Thanks to our long-lasting experience in customized products, we aim to satisfy our customer since the designing phase. Our technical staff, strictly cooperating with the customer, will find the right solution for their needs, because each one of our ovens is planned and made to be unique.

Designing in strict cooperation with the customer guarantees the development of a product that is ad-hoc, because the customer plays an active role on all the designing phases.

Customize YOUR heat

Idrocalor is specialized in designing and manufacturing industrial ovens for many different application fields, for an operating temperature from 50 to 1200 °C.

The quality of Idrocalor‘s ovens ensure a uniform and reliable thermal treatment, as well as a totally safe environment for your operators even when an Atex Certification is required.

Powder Coating Plant

Shaft Ovens

Quenching Furnaces

Autoclave Installations

Static Ovens

Our Ovens are used for finishing powder and surface coating; from rubber and silicon seals vulcanization; to the dry treatment of composite materials; for dry, oil and encapsulating transformers; electrical motors; resistances; power cables; etc.


All our ovens are subjected to strict and rigorous test procedures to ensure the perfect functionality, performances and compliance with the safety and environmental regulations.

Each oven is carefully tested by our technicians in order to guarantee a homogeneous distribution of air flow and temperature inside the oven.

Once the oven is on, our technicians instruct the customer so that he can understand each part of the plant and how it works.

Continuous R&D

Idrocalor is involved in the continuous development of industrial process technology. After having worked close to the customer for many years in different fields to find always the best plant solution, in terms of quality, reliability and cost reduction, we are now enough experienced to give you all our advices.

Our staff is available to answer all your questions and develop with you the application of your interest.