The founder Amedeo Tormene

  • 1907

Mr Amedeo Tormene began his entrepreneurial activity by opening a workshop for designing and manufacturing precision patterns for foundries.


FIRST generational changeover

  • 1930

Tristano, Otello and Poliuto increased their line of business implementing their own foundry and machine shop for producing components of special steel (gas pressure regulators, valves etc.) and burners for rotary kilns.

SECOND generational changeover

  • 1968

At the end of sixties, following in Tristano’s footsteps, Carlo Tormene specialized in gas burners and industrial ovens for a lot of different application processes, so Idrocalor was born. At present, Idrocalor is managed by Carlo’s son, Alberto Tormene.

Idrocalor plants installed in Italy and overseas are now more than nine hundred. This is the result of a 100-year experience, which allows us to satisfy all customers’ needs in terms of customized products, process advising and after sales service.

With several years experience in industrial processes, Idrocalor offers a complete line of industrial ovens designed and manufactured on customer specifications.

For more than 50 years, our ovens have been partners of a large number of industrial processes, from Europe to Middle East, from Russia to America, representing technology, reliability and efficiency for your production process.